How to Properly Join the Czardom Facebook Group

Only ENROLLED members with active subscription accounts will be added into the group. Applying is not enrolling. The password to get approved is provided in the Members Area where you were redirected to after completing payment. A link to the Members Area was also emailed to you. To get into the Facebook Group, you will need to click on Join Group. This will prompt with the Password question. If you do not see the Join option make sure you have cancelled a previous request (perhaps made prior to applying and getting approved). You will then see the Join button after refreshing. Click Join and answer with the current password when prompted. This will bring your request to the top of the queue. Not cancelling a previous request or not providing the correct password will significantly delay your approval waiting period.

Why is this important?

If you have previously requested to join the Facebook Group BEFORE you got to the Members Area page to view the current password (before you applied, got approved, and paid), you will not see the “Join Group” button. If you can’t click “Join Group” you can’t enter the password to let us know you are an enrolled member.

Additionally, cancelling your pending request and re-requesting to join using the “Join Group” button will bring you to the top of the queue. This will greatly expedite the time it takes to accept your request into the group.